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with weight only 6.2 kg/m2 making it easier to transport and lower installation cost by using lighter framing


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Gypsum sheet manufacturer Quality Gypsum Sheets

TIS 219-2552 is also certified. The company also distributes gypsum powder, gypsum products, both domestically and abroad. We are the manufacturer. Selling gypsum slabs, gypsum powder and gypsum products with quality.

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" Quality gypsum for professional work... GM GYPSUM "

Installation of gypsum sheet GM GYPSUM

Gypman Tech plans to raise its sales revenue by listing on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) in 2018, in order to further increase its production capacity. The gypsum wallboard producer increased its production capacity to 20Mm2 in a move that is

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Customer Testimonails

High quality GypsumStrong and thick plaster. easy to use

Customer Testimonails

light weight17.5 kg / sheet Shipping cost

Customer Testimonails

High flexibilityHigh flexibility. Not rancid

Customer Testimonails

TIS Certificate GM gypsum has been certified 219-2552


Gypsum Powder Coating Gypsum Powder Coating is available in both domestic and overseas We are the manufacturer. Selling gypsum powder, gypsum powder and gypsum products quality. Suitable for professional work.

Regular Board

Plain Gypsum Plate Gm No heat, sound, smooth skin. Easy installation and repair.

Moisture Resistance

Gypsum resistant sheet  Gm Water absorption less than 5% by mixing silicone humidification absorber.

Heat Shield Board

Hot plate gypsum Gm Gypsum sheet can reflect heat radiation up to 95%

Ceiling T-BAR

Ceiling T-Bar Gm No heat, sound, smooth skin. Easy installation and repair.

Gypsum Powder

Gypsum powder Gm We manufacture high quality gypsum board guaranteed by Thailand Industrial standard.

G-PLUS Insulation

Heat insulation G-PLUS Prevents heat and saves electricity.

Board Accessories

Board Accessories  Gm No heat, sound, smooth skin. Easy installation and repair.


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